Course curriculum

    1. How your workbook is designed

    2. DOWNLOAD: Workbook - Mastering Social Media CX, Interactive PDF

    1. A note from Brooke on Module One

    2. Mapping out your customer's typical digital journey

    3. Conversation Starter: Identifying trigger points in your digital customer journey (DCJ)

    4. Conversation Starter: Finding your potholes along the DCJ

    5. Conversation Starter: Refining your DCJ

    1. A note from Brooke on Module Two

    2. Consumerism in crisis

    3. The Pandemic pushed us

    4. You can't be a 9-to-5 brand in a 24/7 world

    5. Re-escalations ruin business

    6. Responding quickly is no longer an option

    7. Conversation Starter: Assessing your social media

    1. A note from Brooke on Module Three

    2. Defining The Social Penetration Theory (SPT)

    3. Peeling the onion

    4. The four levels of disclosure

    5. SPT brand examples

    6. Conversation Starter: The four levels of disclosure as content

    1. A note from Brooke on Module Four

    2. Look who's talking

    3. Dealing with trolls

    4. Conversation Starter: Audience & community

    5. Rules of engagement

    6. Case Study: "The Girl"

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  • Interactive Digital Workbook

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